Motivation - what's It Really?

Motivation - what's It Really?

Motivation has been a hot topic for as long as most people will keep in mind. Some outline motivation as a drive or a need. Others outline motivation as they work they are doing. For me, motivation is neither. Motivation is, in fact, the energy that's "underneath" the drive, need and work. It's this "energy" that affects the standard of one's motivation, one's motives, and also the quality of the action-result dynamic that results from motivation. quite that, this energy referred to as motivation results from the degree one lives a life "on purpose" and also the degree to that one is in alignment with one's true and real self, one's heart.

For me, motivation is AN energy...a physical, psychic, emotional and non secular energy. This energy will be represented on one finish of a time as positive, juicy, strong, energetic, adventurous , exciting, playful, healing, etc., and on the opposite finish as stagnant, blocked, stale, stagnant, depressed, negative, killing, etc.

Motivation may be a mind-body dynamic, principally body-oriented. In my expertise, few would say "I assume i am impelled." Rather, I typically hear: "I feel impelled," or the converse, "I do not feel terribly impelled."

In addition, the expressions "fire within the belly", "His/her heart's not in it.", "gut check", and "the mind is willing however the flesh is weak", furthermore as several different expressions that focus on the belly space (the "energy center" of the body in japanese traditions), additionally purpose to the body because the concentrate of motivation (as against the mind), the middle of this energy that drives one to actions and supports one to keep up a state of motivation. Motivation, for me, may be a "felt sense".

So, for me, everyone seems to be impelled....perhaps simply not within the manner another would really like that one to be, or maybe in an exceedingly manner we'd opt for our self to be.


When I favor to surf information superhighway, rather than specializing in the task at hand, i am impelled.

When I favor to see staff as functions, as against individuals, i am impelled.

When I favor to gossip, bully and be satirical in my speech as against speaking with all respect, fondly and pityingly, i am impelled.

When I favor to perform and permit greed to drive my business behaviors and processes, instead of follow AN moral path, i am impelled.

When I favor to read conflict and negotiation as win-lose as against win-win, i am impelled.

When I favor to cheat my taxes and my diet, i am impelled.

When I favor to take my payroll check and solely provide seventy fifth of my self to my work, as against revelation 100%, i am impelled.

When I favor to lie, cheat and steal as against returning from an area of honesty, integrity and trust, i am impelled.

When I favor to act like AN emotional kid instead of manifest showing emotion intelligence, i am impelled.

When I enable my ego to induce within the manner, and have interaction in unsuccessful behavior, rather than returning from my real and authentic self, i am impelled.

When I favor to numb enter front of the TV, rather than sky-high diving into my tasks, i am impelled.

When I favor to have AN affair as against engaged on my relationship, i am impelled.

When I favor to hate, as against love, i am impelled.

So, everyone seems to be impelled.

Again, for me, the deal is that the quality of the energy of the motivation and, even more, what is "underneath" the standard of that energy.

For me, what drives the standard of the energy I confer with as motivation is: purpose.

For me, purpose is heart-driven, as against being mental-mind-ego driven. Purpose is what provides intending to our existence. So, again, for me, motivation is expounded to purpose, and that means. The distinction in purpose as heart driven, and purpose as ego-driven is what determines wherever of us live, virtually and figuratively, within the house between purpose and meaninglessness, and that means and meaninglessness at work, reception and at play.

In abundant of life, we tend to move from action to result, action to result, action to result. The question is, "What drives my actions? What drives the motivation (energy) of my actions. The direction of one's life is most frequently decided on this dynamic and plenty of additionally judge "success" supported this movement from action to result.

In the larger theme of things, for me, the energy and quality of the action-result dynamic and also the energy and quality with that one relates to "success" is expounded as to if one lives a life "on purpose" and from wherever one's purpose emanates (ego or heart).

In my expertise, for folk at work, reception and at play, the degree of "pain and suffering" (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, financial, etc.) one experiences is predicated on the degree to that one lives out one's purpose.

So, then, for me, directly associated with purpose is what we tend to worth...what it's we tend to hold vital and also the degree to that we tend to assign price and "value" to what we tend to worth.

The Japanese have a decision-making method they confer with as "The 5 Whys". basically, once one should create a choice, one asks "Why", and thereto response, once more asks "Why?" 5 times...the idea being that if one will drill down 5 levels, then one will be fairly sure the choice has advantage, i.e., a sound grounding and foundation and isn't, for higher words, AN emotional, knee-jerk or gut call.

So, with regard to values, after I work with of us on values, motives, etc., we tend to raise "Why?" 5 times. In different words, "What will (that worth, that action, that call, etc.) "get" you?" Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

At the start of the work, the answers square measure usually perceptive...and usually bring one to a acutely aware cognizance on what is very, really, really, beneath their thoughts, actions and activities, i.e., their motives.

Most often it's unconscious ego wants, as an example, for management, recognition, and security.

It's once we take this 1st inspect values that people then get to the "heart" of the matter and come in the method of discovering their (heart-felt) purpose so return to examine usually huge variations between their heart-felt purpose and what has been, to date, AN ego-driven need they "thought" was their purpose.

The underlying, and root cause, queries that ultimately outline our motives, then, is "What do I value?" And, then, even additional significantly, "From wherever do i buy my values?" And, finally, "Do my values bring Maine a bigger degree of inner peace, harmony, and sense of well-being, than they are doing pain and suffering?"

As this method continues, of us begin to look at and approach life with a distinction lens; and their internal map of reality begins to vary. this alteration manifests in however they start to look at their world of labor (home and play), what is very vital to their happiness and sense of well-being.

So, as of us take this acutely aware journey into exploring their motivation, their values, and their purpose, they usually discover there is a huge distinction between "striving" and "struggling" as they explore their past and current notions of "motivation" and, relatedly, purpose and that means of labor, of life, etc. They usually show up with a new-found "energy" that's positive, juicy, willing, engaging, adventurous , curious, etc.

Assuredly, of us United Nations agency consciously undertake the requisite deeper purpose and values work, will and can expertise challenges, bumps within the road, hurdles to beat, however currently they are doing therefore with a way of strain, with a healthy quality and energy that, yes, might need sweat, blood and tears, however the energy they expend within the pursuit of their values is positive, disciplined, willful, robust and game, exciting and adventurous . they're internally ANd as such "motivated" and sense an inner peace in their efforts. during this place, there's true purpose and true (not ego-driven) intending to one's life.

On the opposite hand, those that realize themselves "struggling", typically because the results of ego-driven wishes and motives, returning from a "faux" purpose, apparently square measure invariably fighting the great fight, usually return from an area of hostility, anger, defiance, compliance, guilt, shame, anxiety, and a way of plodding. They lack a way of journey or excitement; usually fail at positive self-management, usually brook a "low-grade-fever" style of uncomfortableness, sadness, depression, despair, frustration, resentment, jealousy, etc. For them, their purpose and also the that means they effort to expertise square measure usually mis-guided, most frequently outwardly driven (even although they "think" it comes from their own freelance thinking...never having taken the time to travel deeper within and assume through their alleged purpose). In reality, most frequently they're really living somebody else's values (parents, friends, neighbors, reality TV characters...), i.e., somebody else's purpose then it's no marvel they rarely expertise true happiness in each the short- and long-run..

So, at the top of the day, yes, each teams of individuals square measure, in fact, motivated. each would say they "have values."

So, regarding their being impelled, and relatedly to purpose and that means of life, the $10 queries i'd cause are:

How would possibly every read their "sense of self?" And from wherever do they derive their sense of self?

If they created an inventory of their values so created another list of their daily do-ings, be-ings and thoughts, would the second list directly mirror the first? If not, what is beneath the disconnect?

What role would possibly ego play within the dynamics of their relationships, with their own self so with others at work, reception and at play?

Is there a distinction in however one feels concerning one's self once they square measure alone, at four within the morning, in their own company, as against being in their new automotive, or in their new wardrobe, or before of their new plasma TV screen, or at work, or being the lifetime of the party, or the standout at the meeting...? And if therefore, what accounts for the disconnect? what is the "cake" and what is the "icing on the cake" and why?

How would possibly every read their world of labor and their role in it?

Does work, life and play have meaning? however so?

In terms of motivation, however is your energy and wherever square measure you typically on the time i discussed at the beginning of this article?


Why square measure you on the planet?

(c) 2005, Peter G. Vajda, Ph.D. All rights altogether media reserved.

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